Edge enclosure for the honeycomb sandwiched panels is generally for the following reasons:
1. Hiding honeycomb or other core material from exposure to outside
2. Sealing panels especially the edges from outside external influence such as moisture, pollution material and so on
3. Strengthening or reinforcing rigidity to edge areas
4. Bracing hardware and other required parts and accessories
5. Supporting or connecting to the structural parts
Glue sealed edge is adopted for the field of regular requirement where the panels with unique thicknesses while other closeout methods are not workable.
Aluminum alloy section edging system is an innovative edging system developed by Pasia and there are many shapes available for selection such as Rectangular (Rectangular Hollow Section RHS), H shape, L shape, C shape and so on. This system can be used to completely seal the panel and protect its periphery. For example, legs inwards or outwards C shape section can achieve the function of fastening panels together with a metal block or other fastening system. Aluminum Alloy Section can be used to make oversized panel more rigid and flat and regular panels with strict size and mechanical performance tolerance. Embedded solid aluminum along the edges is also available which can reinforce the panel with maximum strength and allow for possible fastening points to be placed.
A bended edging system is another smooth and seamless edging system. The skin plates are size reserved to be bent to close out the panel on an automatically controlled CNC machine with all possible thickness and radian requirement.
Anyway, the options are not limited on the above and Pasia is open to any question, requirement and idea from customers.

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