A:Normally, Pasia does not reserve stock for customers and nearly all of our orders are very different with each other. However, standard dimension of 1.22 meters * 2.44 meters (about 4 ft * 8ft) is widely applied by many customers. For regular process opti
A:Pasia are able to provide customized products for customers including but not limited on products with special parts and sections embedding, special shape such as curve, hyperboloid, zigzag and so on, full range surface color and special pattern such as H
A:A honeycomb panel is consisted of two surfacing sheet (e.g.: regular alloy metal sheet, plastic sheet produced from fiber prepreg and so on) with a reinforcing core (such as aluminum honeycomb core, nomex honeycomb core and so on). As its unique propertie
A:A wide range of materials such as aluminum or other metal material, PP or other plastic material, Nomex and so on and cell configurations such as corrugated shape as well as forms of expanded or unexpanded sheets and blocks for expansion are available for
A:Conventional honeycomb core is a lightweight reinforcing material consisted of hexagonal basic units.
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