Honeycomb Panels


Product Property
As a product specially for aerospace industry use which is highly required on quality, Aluminium Honeycomb Core (AHP) possesses unique advantages against any other decoration material.

1. Light weight, energy conservation, decreasing object loading, easy to be installed, maintained and recycled.
As the same stiffness to aluminium plate and steel plate, the weight of AHP is just 1/5 of aluminium plate and 1/10 of steel plate.  The weight of an AHP with total thickness of 10mm including 0.5mm face sheet, 0.5mm back sheet is only 3kg per square meter which is 2 kg lighter than 4mm thick Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) including o.5mm face sheet and 0.5mm back sheet but twice stiffness more than ACP and the same as 4mm aluminium sheet. The performance and cost ratio is significantly higher than the one ACP and aluminium sheet. It can effectively save materials.

2. High strength, suitable stiffness, not easy to deform and high loading bearing capacity
As the aluminium honeycomb stressing in the vertical direction and there are many fixed honey combs in a panel, so the panl will be very stable and keep its form unchanged even impacted by external strength.

3、Good sound, heat, thermal insulation, moisture-proof and fireproof performance, non-toxic and environmental protection
As the honey combs are sealed airtight to prevent air from flowing between them so that the sound transmission and thermal conductivity coefficient of the panel have been greatly decreased because the sound wave and heat have been effectively impeded accordingly. Therefore, with good functions of sound, thermal and heat insulation, it can save insulation materials. 


4. High peeling strength and weather fastness, enduring finish paint luster, resistance to weather and chemical corrosion and being luxury and wearing well.
With aviation adhesive under high temperature and suitable pressure, the aluminium sheets and honeycomb core are combined together to be AHP which possesses significantly high stability after cooling and thus should not peel at ambient temperature. The coating material of AHP is Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) which can meet the quality standards of globally accepted building industry AAMA605.2.92 and thus the AHP can resist every current pollutants, corrosion of acid rain, strong ultraviolent rays radiation, weathering and washing. Its strong corrosion resistance can secure coating not fade and crack for more than 20 years.



Interior Room Decoration
Partition Serious, Clean Workshop, Bath Partition, Office Partition, High Partition Wall, Furniture and et al
AHP, which possesses sound and thermal insulation, fire resistance, heat preservation, corrosion resistance, environment protection, resistance to shock and high planeness characteristics, is the first choice of material used for clean workshop, bath partition, office partition, high partition wall and furniture.


AHP, originally used in aviation industry, was widely popularized rapidly in transportation industry as its high strength, light weight, firer resistance, heat preservation, sound insulation and shockproof characteristics.


Elevator Project
Marble Aluminium Honeycomb Panel, as its high strength, light weight, firer resistance, heat preservation, sound insulation, high load-bearing and shockproof, can greatly decrease the carrier’s load and is suitable for making elevator.

Furniture Ceiling


Metal partition for toilet 
  Aluminium Honeycomb Panel is combined with 3003H24 high quality aluminium plate coated with polyester or PVDF roller painting and core, a hexagon aluminium honeycomb structure, which are like I-shape beam tied with each other spreading pressure from face plate to make face plate bearing average force so as to secure high planeness of the face plate. 6003 high strength industrial aluminium profile is used for edge sealing with the surface oxidized or spray painted to be artistic and high strength. Sandwich panel composite process make our AHP better performance.
As its inherent properties of high planeness, waterproof, weather and pollutant resistance, light weight, incombustible, easy to handle on site et al, it has completely solved problems caused by previous materials used in bath partition and now is a best choice for top grade bath partition material.








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